June Inspirations


  • The Kodak Duaflex. I picked up this little beauty at an estate sale last weekend, along with two other vintage cameras. Looks like with a little bit of wizardry I can rig it to shoot 35mm film. I can't wait to try it! In the meantime I've been using it to do some through the viewfinder photography. I told my husband "I feel a series coming on...", so stay tuned because I can't wait to share more of the fun!
  • The photo below is me doing my happy dance, and a close up of the two cameras using the through the viewfinder method.


  • Tuskeegee by Lionel Richie
    • This has been my chill-out music over the last month. As things pick up during the summer and I take on a few extra tasks I've found myself in need of some relaxing and fun music. Lionel has been one of my go-tos this month.
  • Snap Judgment
    • I'm in love with all things story telling and this one has recently won me over. I dig the hosts voice and dramatic way of saying every.thing. It makes me laugh, and the stories are pretty great! Very similar to The Moth, but more structured and they always include a lot of music. I think they even have a mix-ologist for their music. You can have that for music, right? Not just for drinks?
  • My Ipod on "shuffle"
    • This has been hilarious. I had no idea how eclectic the collection of music I have is. I owe this largely in-part to my husband. Thanks for helping me be diverse. ;o) Some of the songs I have recently heard include "Click, Click, Boom. By Saliva", followed by Mozart... Yep. That was weird. Mix in some Mumford and Sons and some old school TV themes to round it out. Nice.


  • Daredevil- We just finished this. I LOVE that you can binge-watch Netflix. I hate that you have to wait a whole year before the next season after said binge.
  • Bob's Burgers
  • Brooklyn 99 (I think we finally finished the most recent season.) Sad face.
  • Melissa & Joey (Yes, I will admit this to the world wide web... I mean really, who doesn't enjoy seeing Clarissa all grown up? And what's not to love about Joey Lawrence, amiright?)
  • I recently started watching Dexter. I had been hesitant because of the whole serial killer thing, but I've found that somehow, the music they play, makes it less creepy. The only thing I can't do is watch the opening credits. It super grosses me out. Not sure what that means that the food grosses me out, but not the serial killing... hmmm... Dexter has also led to my watching of Melissa and Joey because you really need something a little lighter before bed time. :o)


  • Chickpea Romesco with Spaghetti Squash. This is a delicious meal, and probably one of the healthiest things I've loved eating in a while. I've been working to eat better and get more exercise lately and this recipe has definitely helped! (Of course, when you chase it with a cupcake it's a bit less effective... baby steps... baby steps.)


And I couldn't leave without one more shot of my most exciting finds... I feel the happy dance coming on again...