August Inspirations


  • Lunch with my husband. We have gotten to have several lunches lately that didn't involve feeding anyone but ourselves and that has been awesome. Also, talking about the books we're reading has been a lot of fun, too. So many parallels in completely different genres.
  • A Sunday break from the busyness of life visiting with friends and getting to see Lake Winnipesaukee from the middle of it on a boat. Thanks to our friends who so generously shared their time and boating skills with us!
  • Contour Shuttle Pro V2. This thing has changed my life... Okay, maybe a slight over statement, but it certainly has changed my editing life. A lot of people use it for video editing, but I am LOVING it for photo editing. Being able to control sliders with a spinning wheel is SO much easier than using a mouse.


  • Still enjoying  the Vanessa Michael Munroe series audio books.
  • Also still enjoying and so incredibly impressed by Hillary Huber. It's no mystery why she has won awards for her reading. She does so many different voices for the characters that I can't even imagine how she keeps them straight!


  • Still watching Dexter. Not bored of it, just plugging along while editing all the wonderful weddings of late.
  • Disney Movies. The annoying thing is that all my favorites are "in the vault". Boo. So, to beat the system I broke out the old VHS player and picked up Aladdin, Lion King & Lady & the Tramp for $1 at the thrift store. Take that Disney! Haha! #beatingthesystem (Of course, it blows my mind how different the quality between a VHS and a DVD is... not to mention a Blu-ray. But, for $1 each... it looks perfect! ;o) )
  • Netflix Specials from comedians. Namely, Eugene Mirman. For those who don't recognize the name, he is the voice of Gene on Bob's Burgers. After seeing his comedy special and also seeing H. Jon Benjamin on another Netflix show, I am convinced that creators of shows like Bob's Burgers just asked, "Hey, what happens if we get a bunch of comedians together to voice cartoon characters and just have them be themselves rather than conform to a pre-conceived character?" And, thus was born Bob's Burgers, and specifically Bob's and Gene's characters... Seriously, the resemblance is mind-blowing
    • The other hilarious part of Eugene Mirman's comedy special was an entire bit he did on parking in Portsmouth, NH. He basically recounted the stories you can find here and here. It's hilarious, and being someone who has parked in that exact space, it does make sense to park the way he did. You have no room to turn around in that section and there is only one way in and out, so you have to either back out of the entire section of parking, or back in the space as he did. Which do you think might be the safer option?


  • Mandarin Oranges, because they taste like candy.
  • Skinny Pop. Cause the more you eat, the skinnier you get, right?
  • Butternut Squash Risotto. Y'all. This. It is time consuming to make, and I don't make it often, but when I do... oh so yum! 

What's been inspiring you lately?