Ah, vacation... Relaxing time on the farm and on the ocean. During July, my daughter and I traveled to visit part of our family in the South. We spent time on the farm petting baby turkeys, gathering chicken eggs and picking an eggplant that was as big as she was. 

We also had some quality time with the dogs and cats that live on the farm. Apparently Molly, the Great Pyrenees pictured below, also knows how to have a good time... I title that photo "Only in Shorter", because that's the only place in the World I can imagine a dog carrying a beer bottle (without being trained to do so) to be an actual occurrence.

It's also the place we got to see all the sunflowers. The treeline in the top left of the photo is how far back they go. It was unbelievable. Just acres of them. Unbelievable and so beautiful! And I love that I have a photo of a large portion of my family there (using my selfie-stick, of course).

Another great part of our trip was visiting with a few old friends. Two of my friends from college recently moved near my hometown and I was able to celebrate one of their birthdays while we were there. We had GiGi's cupcakes. The only thing I can compare them to is Georgetown Cupcakes. They are absolutely amazing. The proof is on my daughter's face in the first photo below. THAT is a face of someone tasting awesomeness.

We also got to see "Unkie Mike"! Mike survived getting a PhD along with my husband before we moved to New England, so we all have a special bond with him. :) He was back in town visiting family the same time we were so we got to have lunch and catch up.

I know I posted the above photo before, but the photo of my grandmother's hands shelling peas and the photo of my daughter with the cat are two of my favorites from that part of the trip.

After a week on the farm, we headed further South and visited another part of the family. This week was spent on the Gulf of Mexico. To say that my daughter loves the water is an understatement. She has asked countless times since we've been home if we can go for a boat ride.

As you can see below, we got to see all manner of sea life on our trip. Starfish, sea urchins, scallops, blue crab, sea horses and even a pod of dolphins.


I hope you enjoyed a little peek behind the curtain. I don't post a lot of personal things on the business page, but I thought some of you might enjoy a few photos from my time "back home".