There have been a few changes taking place around AliCaliPhoto lately, and we are excited about them! In no particular order...

  1. More blogging
    • There was once a blog associated with AliCaliPhoto, but having irregular hours led to the blog being neglected and eventually abandoned.
  2. Regular Office Hours
    • Starting in September we began having regular office hours on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9am-4pm. This means it's easier to reach me on the phone during those hours, as well as schedule shoots and/or consultations. I'm always still available during evening and weekend hours by appointment, and I will still be responding to emails within 24 hours no matter what day it is!
  3. Revamped Web Site
    • You may have noticed the new look to the site. I didn't hate the old one, but I didn't love it either. It got me by until I had time to sit down and put together a site I found a little cleaner, and that I felt represented my brand a little better. All the main parts are still there, they just look a little better now, and we've got a lot of new photos in the portfolio section, so be sure to take a look!
  4. New Proofing Site
    • Over the last few months I've been made aware of the incredible number of emails being sent out from Pictage, who I previously used to host client photos. There was always something that was "ending soon" or the infamous, "time is running out!", and it gets overwhelming. I'm no different than you, Spam is not my friend, so by switching to a different proofing site, we're getting rid of the annoying marketing emails, as well as being able to offer better pricing on our prints! Get excited! I know I am!

That sums up most of the outward changes around here for now! Stay tuned as the blog should be getting a lot more love and attention now that wedding season is slowing down and we've got all these awesome office hours!