It's the little things.


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of weddings on any given Saturday. Fridays and Sundays, too, but mostly Saturdays.

So, what is it that makes YOUR wedding different than all the others?


You, your fiance, your personality, the things that make you YOU. As individuals and as a couple.

I've recently come across some really cool "little things" that people have done and are doing to add their personality to their wedding that I thought were worth sharing. Pinterest is, of course, FULL of ideas of things you can DIY, etc., but these were a few I thought were pretty cool.

  1. Programs.
    • This "off-beat" idea was awesome and a great way to communicate with your guests about some of the decisions you made for your wedding and what your expectations are for them as guests. I also liked how different it was from the traditional wedding program. The site I found it on calls it the "funniest wedding program ever", which is definitely an overstatement, but, it is still a really neat idea. Check it out at the link below.
  2. Save-The-Dates.
    • This is a great place to showcase your personality and who you are as a couple in a more casual way. Incorporate some of your favorite activities into your engagement photos so you'll have some beautiful photos to use, and you can add personal touches by sealing your envelopes with stickers of the two of you!
  3. Escort/Place Cards and Favors.
    • Pair your escort card with your wedding favor.
    • Personalize it for your guests.
      • One of the coolest ideas I saw recently was the use of a photo of the bride/groom with each guest. This may not work for larger weddings if you don't have a photo of yourself with each guest, but for the smaller, more intimate weddings, this would be a fun idea.
        • You have the photo on the front and the you can write the table information on the back, or on the front. You could also use pre-made labels (shipping labels, address labels, etc.) with the table information and a fun memory of you and the guest, or just a special message for them. Maybe even a "thank-you" for making the time to share in your celebration. I love these or these for this!
    • Keep with the theme, and keep it personal.
      • Two weddings that stood out to me for their personal and themed  escort cards and favors were Lauren & Dan and Kathleen & Andrew.
        • Lauren's dad is a beekeeper and they used honey from his beehives as their favor.
        • Kathleen & Andrew had their wedding in a library, and in keeping with that theme, the escort cards were little "books", and each table name was based on a genre of literature or one of their favorite author's names. The other thing I loved was that their centerpieces were stacks of some of their favorite books and were the guests favors to take home.
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Kimberly & Marc's Wedding

After spending the last 7 years and more than 100 weekends photographing couples all over the Southeastern United States, we made our move to New England and I was fortunate enough to have Kimberly and Marc be my first New England wedding.

Even though the weather didn't fully cooperate with us we were able to squeeze in some outdoor photos between the showers.

Kim was a beautiful bride and I look forward to seeing where life takes these two!

Congratulations guys and thanks for being my first New Englanders! :)

Dennifer's Wedding!

Dennifer, as the couple is lovingly referred to by their friends, were married in Florida last month.

Dennis & Jennifer were so great to work with. They had the most easy-going attitude when the weather didn't cooperate for their outdoor wedding. Due to a monsoon that overtook the Gulf Coast on their wedding day, all the festivities were moved indoors, but they definitely weren't going to let anything "rain" on their parade... (I know, I know, cheesy, but I couldn't resist. :o) )

They were up for whatever I suggested photo-wise, including a few shots in the ladies' restroom! See if you can tell which ones those were...

Despite the rain, we had a wonderful day and these two definitely enjoyed every second!

Congratulations guys! Thanks so much for letting me share in your wedding!