Consultation Time...

If you have been following along with my series on Bridal Expos, you have a good handle on what an expo is,  what to do to prepare for the expo, and what to do after the expo. This post will carry you even further into the process... The Consultation.

Consultations are the key to making your final selections for your vendors. These are typically face-to-face meetings where you get to talk through the details of your wedding with each vendor and determine who best fits for your day.

These meetings are important because they let you get a better feel for the photographer's style, personality and how they do business. It's also the perfect time to ask detailed questions pertaining to the photographer and your wedding.

While I can't speak to the details of a consultation with a florist, caterer or DJ, I can detail for you what to expect and what to know going into a consultation with me. (This can also serve as a rough outline for what other photography consultations may be like, but DISCLAIMER: I can't speak for everyone, so other consultations may vary from what I am about to describe.)

Once you decide you would like to talk with me more about your wedding, I work with you to find a time and location that is convenient for everyone. This often ends up being a weekday evening, since most of my clients work during the day. Occasionally, during non-peak wedding times, I'm able to meet on a weekend.

The first part of the consultation is spent getting to know you as a couple. As we talk about your story, we'll also talk about the ideas you have for your wedding and the things you want photography-wise. I'll ask specific questions about your plans and we'll come up with a rough timeline of how your day would flow.

Once we figure out what you need in terms of coverage, albums, and the like, we'll create a package to fit your wedding. All of my potential clients leave the consultation with a specific quote detailing their package.

As we move through the consultation, you are also invited to ask any questions you have about my photography, the business, the products, my experience, and anything else you can think of. I am also happy to share other wedding professionals that I know and trust.

After every consultation, I email the potential client a recap of our meeting. This includes the timeline, package details and quote, and any other things we discussed that are important.

Be on the lookout for an upcoming post on what questions you should be asking during the consultation!

Happy Tuesday!