Bridal Expos Part 3: After the Expo

Now, the real work begins... And sometimes this is where the wedding planning can be completely overwhelming and way less fun. But hopefully the following tips will help keep it as painless as possible!

After the expo, you'll most likely receive an email from the vendors you stopped and talked with. You may even get a piece of mail or a phone call. Since you've taken notes and know who you are interested in talking with more, you'll know what pieces to pay extra attention to.

Don't be afraid to reply to emails of vendors you aren't interested in, or are no longer in the market for, and let them know. This will stop continuous follow-ups from the vendors. Most of us, while wanting to use due-diligence in contacting potential clients, do not want to “bother” or “annoy” people who already have a photographer, DJ, cake artist... whatever. If you already found your vendor, just let us know! We'll take you off our list, saving you the frustration of repeated emails or phone calls.

Then what? You know who you want to talk to, so get in touch. Send an email or give a phone call to the vendors you want to talk with. Most likely, they'll work with you to set up an in-person consultation to discuss the details of your wedding. This lets you both get to know each other a little better and helps you determine if they are a good fit and share your vision for your wedding. These consultations are also an opportunity to nail down specific pricing and find out what type of deposit and contract is required.

Coming soon, I'll have a post that's all about the consultation. What you should know, what you should ask, what you should expect.

For now, YOU'RE READY! Get out there and tackle those Expos head-on!


P.S. In cased you missed them, don't forget to check out Part 1: What's an Expo? and Part 2: What to know before you Expo.