Bridal Expos Part 2: What to know before you Expo.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make your expo experience as easy as possible. These three tips will keep the fun going and allow you to make the most of your time, and will also make it easier on you after the expo.

  1. Pre-Populate a Label. 
    • Everyone is going to be asking you for your name, wedding date, email address, wedding venue, phone number, mailing address, and so on. Go ahead and print up some address labels with that information so that as you are going around from booth to booth you don't have to keep writing the information over and over.
  2. Bring a bag.
    • Depending on the type of expo, there could be anywhere from 25 to 75 or more vendors. Be prepared to have a lot of information given to you. Most expos will give out bags to attendees so you have a convenient way to keep up with all the pamphlets, flyers and business cards you are given. In case you aren't one of the lucky ones who gets a bag, bring your own, or just bring a really big purse that day. :)
  3. Take notes.
    • As you are walking around, you know what type of vendor you still need for your wedding. If you're looking for a photographer, chances are you'll meet more than a few at the expo. Keep a note on your phone, or on a piece of paper, or even on the phamphlets that are given to you. That way you know who you want to talk with further. If you are at a booth and really hit it off with someone, make note of it. This way, you don't get home and start looking through the information youve gathered and have to try to remember who it was that had this item, or who had samples from your venue, etc. This is one of the best ways to help sort through all the information you gathered at the expo.
  4. Stay until the end.
    • The giveaways don't happen until 30-minutes to an hour before the show ends and there are usually some pretty amazing things to win!
    • The other advantage to staying until the end is that if a vendor really grabbed your attention, you can go back and talk with them in a little more detail while the giveaway is going on. I've had some of my best conversations with brides during this time because you aren't having to wait to get to the table to chat with the vendor. The crowds are typically gathered near the DJ booth during this time and the music is low, so it's a great time for an extra visit to a booth for additional information, or if there was a booth you didn't get to hit earlier in the show. Also, bring someone with you that can be listening for your name/number for the giveaways while you're still perusing. 

Now, you're ready to go! Tune in for Part 3 which will discuss what to do after the expo! And, in case you missed it, check out Part 1, too!