January Inspirations

Here are some of the things that I'm currently watching, reading or listening to that provide a little inspiration in my daily life:


  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    • I had NO idea that I'd like Andy Samberg outside of SNL. I sort of had him figured as an Adam Sandler type, and I just haven't ever really LOVED anything Sandler did. I just found his movies sort of dumb. (Disclaimer: I do like Billy Madison...). Anyway, the cast they put together for this show is awesome! I think Chelsea Peretti makes it for me. She is hilarious!



  • Hank Finds an Egg by Rebecca Dudley
    • We got this book as a gift for my daughter's second birthday and it is incredible! Rebecca Dudley creates dioramas and photographs them to tell the story of a super cute little bear named Hank.
    • We LOVE this book at our house and it has inspired me and my husband to create a book for my daughter using her favorite toys. I hope to share more about that project on the blog as it comes together!
  • The Ellie Chronicles by John Marsden.
    • If you liked Divergent, or the Hunger Games series, you'll want to add these books to your list of "must reads".
    • If you're interested, be sure you start at the beginning with Tomorrow When the War Began. It's a seven-book series called The Tomorrow Series. (Marsden followed them up with The Ellie Chronicles.)

(And, they actually made a movie out of the first book that you can find on Netflix, too. But the book is better... the book is always better, right?)



  • Tuskegee by Lionel Richie and Friends.
    • It may not be on repeat, but it sure has provided some great listening while I catch up on things after the holidays! (And, Amazon has it on sale for $5 right now in case you're into Lionel...)