Wait, they registered with their photographer?!

YES! They did! And you should let them know how smart that makes them!

Today's couples typically have all the things they need to set up a household. Brides and Grooms are waiting until they've finished school, gotten a steady job, or both before tying the knot. A lot of them have been living on their own for several years and don't need much to complete their home.

What a lot of them would rather do is register for things they really want. There are several sites set up that allow couples to register their honeymoon as a gift option for their guests, and more recently their photographer, videographer, and other wedding vendors.

One thing I always hope when giving a gift is that the recipient will really use it and find it to be valuable. This is where contributing towards their honeymoon, or a gift certificate towards a beautiful canvas art piece from their photographer come in. You can give them a toaster or a blender, that they probably already have three of, or you can give them something they will treasure and look at for years to come.

As the "rules" for weddings have relaxed over the years, the rules for the "right" gift have also changed. Be one of the ones who gives them something lasting! You can click right HERE to get started!